Two leading Martial Arts & Combatives Trainers join forces to Give YOU the Most Laser-Precise BRUTAL and LETHAL Self-Defense Tactics Known To Man!

, This is just for you!

WARNING #1: You are about to discover HOW TO KILL A MAN

WARNING #2: You are about to discover the secrets of Death, MAIMING, and PAIN on your attacker,
no matter how big, strong or experienced they are

WARNING #3: Do NOT use these tactics unless you are legally and morally justified (otherwise you could end up in jail)

WARNING #4: If you are under 18, or if you are mentally ill, a criminal, a pervert or a psychopath, or if you have a court-ordered restraining order against you, you are FORBIDDEN to have these materials and must read no further

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Imagine combining the decades of experience and countless hours of pain-staking research of two top Martial Arts and Combat Trainers from two continents for a historic undertaking:

Find the most ScientificEffective and Damaging ways to stop an attacker

Well imagine no further, because the results are in! Your mind will spin as you discover a new world of personal power.

A world where you are more powerful and prepared than anyone else you know, because you’ve been given…

Worldwide #1 Pressure Points Coach Russell Stutely’s BLACKLISTED Secrets – the most Painful and Lethal Pressure Points and Destruction Enhancers
(not available to the public!), and…

Legendary Trainer and Martial Arts Hall-of-Fame 2x Inductee Scott Bolan’s CONFIDENTIAL training sessions on Bone Breaks, Joint Locks, Chokes, KINAMOTAY (the Filipino art of Biting, Eye-Gouging and Skin-Ripping), and KILL-SHOTS!

If you do not know who these men are, you are either unfamiliar with the Martial Arts, Combatives and Tactical Training worlds, or you’ve been hiding under a rock listening to your 8-Track player.

These men have have made a worldwide name for themselves as elite trainers and educators for Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Military, and regular guys who want to know how to stop a violent attacker with brutal efficiency (there is no other way).

These men are NOT the latest MMA fad or camo-clad “commando” trainers with cool military-sounding names and acronyms. They don’t get all the hype on Google and Facebook. They’re not Social Media Diva’s.

The Don’t Teach Sport,
and They Don’t Rely on Gimmicks and Cliches

They teach COMBATIVES.

“Combatives” means fighting for your life.

It means KILLING to save your life if you have to.

It’s BANNED in MMA Gyms and Competitions.

I gladly admit that MMA Athletes are very impressive and have some great skills. But they also have Rules they must follow, in order to earn Points from judges and win matches – that’s how they make their money and keep their sponsors happy.

If they KILLED their opponent in the first round, the sports fans who buy tickets to see the “show” would be very unhappy and the Sport would be over.

So as impressive as they (and indeed they are), one of the first things you’ll learn in the new VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE series is the 6 techniques that are ILLEGAL in MMA.



Listen, I don’t know about you, but I’m in my late 40‘s and just too damn old to punch it out with some young thugs or punks from the local MMA gym who want to prove themselves.

I’m also too damn busy to be training 2 hours a night at these MMA gyms popping up everywhere.

I don’t need to prove myself!

But if some Steroided-out Thug or Gang-Banger picks me as their target…

I Can Stop Them COLD and Leave them in a Pool of their own Blood
with what I learned in the VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE series

Am I serious?

Damn right I am.

How About YOU?

Do you have the CONFIDENCE that comes from knowing you can handle whatever the forces of darkness throw your way?

Do you have LETHAL TECHNOLOGIES in your knowledge arsenal that you can fall back on in the moment of life or death?

Would you like to CUT THE CRAP and hocus-pocus about fighting and just go right for the Throat, Eyes, and Balls if necessary?

Want to know a simple NERVE STRIKE that makes your attacker Piss His Pants as he falls to the ground in a mass of quivering pain?

If so, then VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE is the Tactical Resource you need.

It shows you how to get the job done. Because the bottom line is…

If someone is trying to KILL YOU and you cannot escape, you will either Deliver Pain, Damage, or Death as necessary – or you will be KILLED.


That’s what it all boils down to.

If you can’t RUN…

If you can’t ESCAPE….

If you’re CORNERED...

… This is the ONLY way to save your life when you are defending yourself in a lethal altercation.

And Don’t Give Me That “GUN-FU” Crap!

Don’t fool yourself with the false confidence that comes from having a Concealed Weapon.

I am a full supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believe that every law-abiding and sane adult should have the right to own and carry a pistol if they choose.

That’s a good thing and I’m all for it!

But owning a weapon, and carrying it with you, does NOT mean you are safe from a physical attack.

And, it does NOT Prepare you for a physical attack!!!

You attacker does not give a sh– about your rights, and is not going to be polite give you the courtesy of waiting for you to pull your gun out and say “Freeze!”

Statistics show that….

1. You will be Attacked BY SURPRISE

2. You will be Struck, Hurt and Locked (meaning grabbed and held) BEFORE you have a chance to pull your Gun out.This means that you damn well better know….

Weapon Retention, and How To Deploy Your Weapon Under Physical Duress

It makes me SICK that this isn’t required learning for Concealed Carry Permits.

Fortunately, you’ll learn this in VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE series so that you can be a wise warrior and Properly Prepared Concealed Carrier.

Now, I could write an entire book about your Instructors in the new Violent Knowledge series – Russell Stutley and Scott – but for the sake of time I’m going to give you a the short version for a very quick introduction:


Russell Stutely is a world-recognized genuine Martial Arts Master, elite fighter, author, and the World’s #1 leading Authority on Pressure Points.

His Instructional DVDs (just like the kind you get in the VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE set) are Award-Winning! Yes, Russell Stutely is a recipient of the prestigious Martial Arts Instructional DVD of the Year Award (SENI – Europe’s largest Martial Arts Trade Show)

Russell is a 6th Dan Karate Jutsu – Recognized by the BCA (The UK’s leading Self Defense Group) and an inductee in BOTH the Combat Hall of Fame and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

His DVDs and Seminars have earned him dozens of raving testimonials from officers in multiple law enforcement agencies and thousands of Martial Artists all over the world.


With over 35 years in the Martial Arts, Scott Bolan has earned multiple Black Belts and Combatives certifications.

Scott has applied his expertise to authoring over 40 popular DVD training programs (of which many are bestsellers) and developing Custom Personal Training and Seminars which focus on peak performance and ending violence quickly with maximum effectiveness.

Scott revolutionized the Martial Arts and Training worlds with his ground-breaking Martial Mastery and Devastating Fighting courses, and is the founder of the Complete Combat system.

His dynamic and direct teaching style and groundbreaking Instructional DVDs, Private Trainings and Seminars have also earned him raving testimonials from Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Military, Athletes and Instructors from around the world.

Those are VERY short Bio’s for two men who are shaking up the Martial Arts and Tactical Training world and pissing off the envious and ignorant.

After working together for several years on instructional programs and “behind closed doors” private combat training for elite agents, Russell and Scott decided to research and pinpoint the specific, most practical and scientific methods of delivering Maximum PAIN, DAMAGE and DEATH to an Attacker’s Body.

They put their findings in what can only be honestly described as VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE.

Violent Knowledge stands on it’s own as the Most Thorough, Precise, BRUTAL, BLOODY and LETHAL Technologies you can find.

Nothing Else Even Comes Close!

Sure, there are plenty of “famous” instructors out there. You can find them on women’s talk shows or in Fitness and Sports Magazines. They’re really nice guys.

But remember what I said about Combatives? It’s KILLING when Lethal Force is Justified.

And KILLING doesn’t sound “cool” and isn’t very marketable and socially popular. For that matter, I’m beginning to wonder if being a real man isn’t socially popular anymore!

Plainly put, every responsible warrior needs to know the ways of KILLING men.

When you get the All-New VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE home study course, just pop the DVDs in and let them download into your brain amazing secrets like..

•  The 10 DEADLY Uncensored Streetfight Finishers!

•  Technique Super-Enhancers (adds Rocket Fuel to your tactics)

•  BLACKLISTED Pressure Points Secrets: How to hit a Pressure Point and keep the ENERGY from that Point
inside the body for Maximum Pain and Dropping ANYONE to the ground like a sack of potatoes!

•  The Filipino Art of Biting: if you’re being crushed to DEATH by BJJ Black Belt gone criminal or an MMA punk,
(or prison-trained street thug) your only hope might be to Chew His Arteries Open and Watch Him Bleed To Death. This DVD shows you several ways and methods to learn this. You’ll never look at fighting the same way again)

•  How Split Your Attacker’s Biceps Open When He Grabs You

•  BANNED Secrets of Joint Release – how you can “trick” your attacker’s brain so you can easily break, tear and DESTROY his joints (so he’ll need to go to the Hospital on his way to Jail)

•  How to Permanently MAIM or KILL a Rapist, Terrorist or Murderous Attacker

•  8 Joint Locks that tie them up like Pretzels – can be used to Control an Attacker, or Injure and Kill if Needed

•  Never-Before Taught CHOCKING SECRETS (the choking power of a Python!)

•  How To Tear a Man’s Skin Off – so painful he’ll flee in terror or beg for mercy (so you don’t have to kill him!)

•  FIGHT FINISHER: How apply a black Pressure Point to the ankle (ideal when you’re on the floor) Remarkably, of all the famous Martial Artists that Russell has met, he’s never met ANYONE that can stand up to this black Pressure Point! Full details revealed!


•  Instant Knockout Points on your attacker’s head

•  Russell’s secrets of ‘Compound Maximization’. This is incredible – you’ll learn how hitting TWO Points simply doubles your power (you won’t believe this until you see it. It’s ‘Black Magic’ type stuff!)

•  How to CONTROL Your Attacker, when you want to ‘play’ (this will scare the crap out of them)

•  12 Secrets to easily BREAK BONES

•  5 One-Strike KILL-SHOTS!!

•  And so much MORE… it would take 17 pages just to outline it all here.The bottom line is…

The Deadly POWER you’ll get in this Cutting-Edge 10-DVD course of new material may have you radiating a calm quiet strength.

The kind of strength that REPELS Attackers (Dogs smell FEAR. They also smell DANGER, and it repels them)

Once you watch these DVDs it’s like a light-switch coming on.

Just KNOWING this stuff puts you ahead of the pack, instantly.

I do need to warn you: this material contains some Adult Language – swearing from the participants involved. At one Point, you’ll even see a participant refuse to carry on – he simply couldn’t take it any more! (we’ve never had that on ANY previous filming we’ve done)

So here’s the deal my friend.

The 12-DVD Violent Knowledge course is currently $497.00

That breaks down to about 50.00 per DVD of this highly elite, brand new cutting-edge training material.

But recently they decided to make this an exclusive limited offer and never offer it again, anywhere!

They’re going to take Violent Knowledge off the market in just a few days

So you get a HUGE Discount if you order before then – you can have the entire VIOLENT KNOWLEDGE set for only 297.00  NOW ONLY $197 – that’s a 300.00 discount! 

Order right now, and congratulations on being among the elite warriors who truly Know Violence.