Protect You and Your Loved Ones

Dear Friend,

As a world-recognized Master Instructor in Combatives, training Law Enforcement officers is a regular part of my job.

The countless fine men and women I’ve met and had the honor to train are upstanding officers whose sincere desire is clearly to Protect and Serve.

But I Am Now VERY Concerned For You, the Civilian.

I am concerned for your Safety, your Family, your Freedom, and your very Survival.

You see, there is a NEW kind of threat we may be facing very soon when the proverbial hits the fan.

At this point, if you’ve seen the headlines being leaked out, you know damn good and well that it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when.”

First of all, let me clearly explain in no uncertain terms: I believe that most officers and soldiers, and every one that I’ve ever met and trained, are good people who only want to Protect and Serve.

But at the end of the day, they don’t set policy or make the rules. They only ENFORCE them. And over the past few years, requests from higher-ups have multiplied to teach Law Enforcement officers…

Commando-style KILLING tactics!

Law Enforcement certainly has a need for Defensive Tactics when they face violent criminals in the line of duty. But my concern is that there has been an unprecedented shift to train police as Commandos – ready to quickly deal out BRUTAL FORCE and even DEATH.

If you think I’m exaggerating, consider this fact: earlier this year, a series of Law Enforcement Targets were released called “No More Hesitation” Targets.

Can you guess what was pictured in these targets? Go ahead…

Gun-wielding Gang-Bangers?



Wrong again.

Masked Burglars?


Bloodthirsty hardcore street thugs?

Wrong again!

So what were the subjects of the NO MORE HESITATION Targets?

Pregnant Women, Small Children, the Elderly, a Mother with Child at a Playground, etc.

Do you think I’m kidding?

Here. Have a look for your self:

no more hesitation


Shocking and Sickening, isn’t it?


These are fever-pitch Dangerous times my friend, and I could provide dozens more examples like this, but I’m sure you’ll agree that I’ve made my point.

Violence should always be avoided whenever possible, and every human being has the right to defend themselves from unlawful violence.

It’s now obvious that there has never been a more dangerous time in modern history. That’s why I’ve decided to reveal…..



What THEY KNOW – Get The Same
”Behind Closed Doors” DEADLY Tactics Taught
To Law Enforcement And Military!

This is NOT for attacking government officers. This is for Defending Your Self and loved ones against ANY unlawful violent attacker.

In this weekend seminar, you will learn the most Elite and Devastating methods to defend yourself including ….

  • HOW TO SURVIVE BEING SHOT AT (you need to know this!)
  • What POLICE Don’t Tell You About Your Rights
  • FIGHT FINISHER: We’ve never met ANYONE who can stand up to THIS! (full details revealed and taught to YOU!)
  • Instant KNOCKOUT Points (good and super-powerful!)
  • Knock Out an Attacker – EVEN IF THEY’RE IN BODY ARMOR!
  • Stop Multiple Attackers
  • Disarm a Pistol or Rifle… even when you’re unarmed!
  • Effective Empty Hands Defense Against Any Weapon
  • Break Out of Handcuffs
  • One single point on the chin you can use to spin an attacker’s head and control him like a puppet
  • 5 Ways To DESTROY a Lethal Attacker – no matter how big or strong they are!
  • How to ESCAPE Multiple Attackers
  • TAKE-DOWN moves that will floor Bigger, Stronger Attackers! (and these moves    require no agility or previous experience!!)
  • Read An Attacker’s Intentions and Avoid Them or Stop Them Cold – BEFORE They Strike!
  • How To Avoid Being “Set-Up”
  • The One Medically-Proven LETHAL Target on the Body
  • PLUS – 10 Other LETHAL Techniques That I have Personally Been Teaching To YOUR Government Controlled Forces!

…. and so much more, it would take several pages to outline the entire training course here.

The bottom line is this: in the course of this amazing training weekend ….

You will be taught the same Lethal Technologies and Devastating Attack-Stopping Techniques I have been teaching Law Enforcement and Military for the last 12 years…and the Best Defenses for them!

And, you won’t find these tactics being taught anywhere else.

Why? Because very few trainers actually know it, and those who do are too afraid to teach it.

I feel differently. I feel it is my DUTY to share this information with as many good people as possible, so they’ll have the knowledge to defend themselves against THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE – abusive violent attacks.

And, I believe it is your absolute right, in a Free country, to know how to effectively defend yourself – No Matter What!

So now is your chance to get this elite teaching. I am only allowing 30 attendees so I have adequate time to work with everyone. So sign up right now, and I look forward to training you!

Simply Register your interest in the box below – NO PAYMENT Required Now. You simply pay a day or so before the event, once you have been vetted and confirmed.

When: December 7,8 • Where: Los Angeles, CA • Fee: $497.00

Yours in Self Protection,

Russell Stutely
The Civilians Kommando!