Black Belt Boot Camp

Dear Friend,

This is your personal invitation to be personally taught by two legendary trainers who are recognized authorities in Martial Arts & Self-Defense (and their elite special guests… you’ll be talking about this one for YEARS to come!)

No matter what your skill level might be right now – whether you’re a Black Belt, a battle-tested combat vet or undercover officer, a regular Joe, or even a first-day beginner, you will sky-rocket your martial arts insights and abilities!

Pay attention closely and I’ll give you the info you need, okay? The Black Belt Bootcamp is where…

You will discover “the Golden Secret” of all Martial Arts

Your Self-Defense Skills will be TRANSFORMED

You will Become DEADLY

You’ll never look at Fighting the same way again

If you think I’m exaggerating in any way, you are sadly mistaken. And I can prove it to you!

A year and half ago, Russell Stutely and Scott Bolan gave the first COMBATIVES SUMMIT in Las Vegas.

People from all over the world flew in to attend – Martial Arts School Owners, Law Enforcement and Military Officers, Trainers, and regular Joe’s.

Each and every one of them gave a raving testimonial!

Many of them said they learned more in that single weekend than they had at dozens of other trainings or even years in karate schools!

Now is your chance to discover it for your self, because the last year and a half Russell and Scott have been researching and training to bring you the ultimate cutting edge in effective martial arts (the kind that DESTROYS bigger, stronger attackers, multiple attackers, and armed attackers)

In this martial transformation weekend, YOU will learn…

  • How To Break Every Bone In an Attacker’s Body
  • How To Kill a Man (when legally and morally justified)
  • Get hands-on personal instruction from the #1 World Authority on Pressure Points!
  • 8 Secrets of PRESSURE POINT DEVASTATION that no one else knows! (you will know them)
  • How To Fight TERRORISTS (the crucial difference that may save your life!)
  • 3 combos to defeat Multiple Attackers… even if they’re armed!
  • Make an Attacker Piss Their Pants (yes, really)
  • Control, Move, Disable or Destroy Larger Opponents at will
  • How To Disable or Immobilize an Attacker without killing them
  • Command Presence: what you need to know to get compliance and respect in tactical situations
  • How To Effectively Teach Others

…. and so much more, I could take another 17 pages to outline it all here!

Let’s get to the bottom line: this is simply MUST-HAVE Training!

Let me tell you about your Trainers….


The Worldwide #1 Pressure Points Authority, OCFM International Coach, Combat Hall of Fame, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 6th Dan Karate Jutsu.

Russell Stutely is headquartered in the Philippines and conducts all of his trainings there and in the United Kingdom. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to train with him here in the US!


Legendary Combatives Trainer, Author and Peak Performance Coach, Multiple Black Belts, Professional Certifications and Advanced Trainings, founder of the Complete Combat System.

Scott usually only gives Individual Private Trainings to VIP Clients. This is your chance to train with the man himself!

These guys are the very best at what they do and are world-famous for the results they get. This is a great opportunity for you to be personally trained by them.

And, other elite special guests will be announced soon!

Here’s what you need to know:

When: May 16 & 17, 2015

Where: The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Training Investment: 497.00

Las Vegas is the easiest city in the world to get a cheap flight to, and The Orleans is “off-strip” so they have great rooms and food at reasonable prices!

This unique training and certification is a rare opportunity to train with and be certified by the best.

Many people dream of doing things like this but never take that first step. I encourage you to do this because it is an investment in your self, and…

You Will Take Home Life-Saving Skills,

Lethal Knowledge,

and a New-found Lasting CONFIDENCE,

and you get to keep them forever!

The Black Belt Bootcamp will fill up QUICKLY so reserve your spot now! <<<<



Steve Richards